Consultancy services.

The aim of our consultancy services is to identify the project objective and ensure that the design strategy and management process is carried out safely and in compliance with all the relevant Construction, Design and Management Regulations.

Our Consultancy Services.

Our consultants here at Safology are fully trained professionals that provide advice in several areas of business including health and safety and process management. Having a business that is operating inefficiently and unsafely can negatively affect your businesses’ operations and potentially revenue. We have many solutions in place to maximise your management systems and meet all your project deadlines. Industries we have previously worked in are the oil, gas, construction, engineering and mining sectors, as they often take on large scale projects that have tight deadlines and require careful planning and exertion.

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Accredited management systems

Accredited Management Systems.

Safology Ltd currently provides services to several UK and International organisations in both Client and Contractor roles on EPC projects. Safology Ltd has been instrumental in assisting their clients in obtaining accreditation/certification for management system elements and internationally recognised awards for health and safety performance.

For large organisations with existing accredited management systems, Safology Ltd can provide independent support in maintaining and improving these systems, bringing also the additional experiences learned from within other organisations enabling the sharing of industry best practice. For smaller organisations, Safology Ltd can bring the experience of writing and setting up management systems from scratch using our experience and understanding of this difficult period of growth within an organisation.

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